01 september 2012

"The Future under Construction"

As a biennial, Manifesta, has traditionally been aware of the importance of creating a legacy for the ‘host’ region. The heritage symposium ‘The Future under Construction’ is one of several actions taken to fulfil this goal.

Manifesta 9 curator Cuauhtémoc Medina was confronted with and surprised by the remains of a large-scale and radical industrial past during his prospective study in the Limburg Mine region. The inhabitants of the Limburg region are accustomed to seeing the slag heaps, shafts and industrial complexes within the landscape, and to its presence as part of their daily lives.



But still, the meaning of this industrial past is not always commonly known anymore. This certainly holds true for the visitors who, just like the foreign curator, are left back with a lot of questions. Medina therefore posed the important question on the future of the region’s rich heritage and on how the different agents involved are planning to safeguard it but also give (new) meaning to it for coming generations.

That’s why Manifesta 9, the Heritage unit ‘Mijn-Erfgoed’ and the Province of Limburg combined their efforts to launch several new initiatives concerning this extraordinary heritage – the international heritage symposium at C-mine, Genk on September 13 and 14, 2012, being one of these. 

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